Colorado State Chess Association


Colorado Master List

This list includes players that have achieved master ratings in the state of Colorado. To be included on the list, a player must have been a resident of Colorado and played in at least one rated tournament while living in the state. Some players on the list have not held the rating of the level of master that they are listed as, but they did achieve the minimum rating at some time and qualified to get that master certificate from USCF. Also, some of the players listed below achieved their highest master level before moving to Colorado or after leaving Colorado. Some of the top players from the 1950's era may have been of master strength, but in the absence of the Elo rating system this is not possible to judge today.

Grand Masters

Alex Fishbein
Dashzegve Sharavdorj

International Masters

Hans Berliner
Michael Mulyar
Steve Odendahl
Michael Valvo
John Watson

Senior Master (2400 minimum)

Renard Anderson
Randy Canney
John Dunning
David Gliksman
John Hall
Jerry Kearns
James McCarty

National Master (2200 minimum)

Dmitry Agrachov
Eric Anderson
Todd Bardwick
Imre Barlay
Eric Beckman
Josh Bloomer
Richard Buchanan
Jim Burden
Curtis Carlson
Paul Cornelison
Michael Emerson
Gregory Fishbein
Bob Fordon
Gerald Georges
Michael Ginat
James Hamblin
Tyler Hughes
David Jellison
Rob Karnisky
Wesley Koehler
Arkady Kotlyazevsky
Richard Laver
Sage Mo
Bruce Monson
Paul Nikitovich
Bob O'Donnell
Yury Oshmyansky
Mikhail Ponomarev
Philipp Ponomarev
Sam Quintanar
Andy Rea
David Rice
Bob Shean
John Siddeek
Ray Springfield
Jeff Sullivan
Don Sutherland
J. Mann de Toledo
Tom Unger
Greg Vitko
Brian Wall
Robert Wendling
Gunnar Anderson
Josh Romaro
Chris Peterson