Colorado State Chess Association


Colorado Open Champions

This list includes players that have achieved master ratings in the state of Colorado. To be included on the list, a player must have been a resident of Colorado and played in at least one rated tournament while living in the state. Some players on the list have not held the rating of the level of master that they are listed as, but they did achieve the minimum rating at some time and qualified to get that master certificate from USCF. Also, some of the players listed below achieved their highest master level before moving to Colorado or after leaving Colorado. Some of the top players from the 1950's era may have been of master strength, but in the absence of the Elo rating system this is not possible to judge today.

1950 Jack Hursch
1951 Julius Partos
1952 Arthur Underwood, Jr.
1953 Jack Hursch
1954 Rudolph Petters
1955 E. Victor Traibush
1956 Claude Hillinger
1957 Sam Priebe
1958 George Pipiringos
1959 Hans Berliner
1960 Rudolph Petters
1961 George Pipiringos
1962 Richard Moore
1963 Robert G. Shean
1964 Robert G. Shean
1965 Wesley Koehler
1966 Wesley Koehler
1967 E. Victor Traibush
1968 Bill Riley
1969 Robert Wendling
1970 E. Victor Traibush
1971 Wesley Koehler
1972 Robert Wendling
1973 Donald C. Sutherland
1974 John L. Watson
1975 John L. Watson
1976 Curtis Carlson
1977 Brian Wall
1978 Randy Canney
1979 Dmitry Agrachov
1980 Robert Fordon
1981 Gerald Georges
1982 Eric Anderson
1983 David Rice
1984 James McCarty
1985 Alexander Fishbein
1986 Brian Lankey
1987 Alexander Fishbein
1988 Alexander Fishbein
1989 James McCarty
1990 Mikhail Ponomarev
1991 Randy Canney
1992 Michael Mulyar
1993 Michael Mulyar
1994 David Gliksman
1995 Michael Mulyar
1996 James McCarty
1997 Mikhail Ponomarev
1998 Renard Anderson
1999 Michael Valvo
2000 Michael Mulyar
2001 Michael Mulyar
2002 Paul Nikitovich
2003 Jim Hamblin
2004 Jesse Cohen
2005 Dashzegve Sharavdorj
2006 Dashzegve Sharavdorj
2007 Dashzegve Sharavdorj
2008 Philipp Ponomarev
2009 Dashzegve Sharavdorj
2010 Randy Canney
2011 Eric Montany

There is one, and only one, Colorado State Champion (no co-champions). This has been the precedent since 1950. Tie-breaks will be announced in advance of Round 1 and will break any ties in regards to the State title.

Colorado Open should continue to take place on Labor Day weekend. Unrateds must play in the Open Section (to discourage unrateds from sandbagging and winning large class prizes). Unrateds can play in the Membership Open, which runs concurrently.

Eligibility for Colorado Champions (Open and Closed):

A resident is hereby defined as someone who has lived in Colorado for the last 6 months continuously, or 9 of the last 12 months. The CSCA will defer to military codes of residency for those in the Armed Forces.

(from the CSCA Board 7/2004)